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Newsletter 1

    Welcome back to the monthly (or almost) newsletter of The Office Of Useless Art. Instead of bragging about the long-awaited emergence of a horrible event we predicted long ago, we skin the highly recognized psychics who can’t warn us of all kinds of shit popping up all over the world.

    In order to keep it a little more cozy and fascinating these coming weeks without a stage, museum, gallery, café or restaurant, we are doing a nice job of releasing new poetry collections, pamphlets and audio cassettes. The most striking is of course the Swiss Ben (jamin) Vautier who has pledged to fill up an entire issue of our magazine «Temporary Useful Zones». (Thanks to daughter Eva Vautier) The poetic «cookbook» With my belly in the sand of Ottist(F)reddy is almost sold out. But we are thinking of a re-print in a luxury edition. Brazilian magazine Poesia Primata has selected two poems by Wichard Ragner to be published in their next edition. (A translation by Ita Xavier). The Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife) has selected a cycle of 12 poems by Ottist(F)reddy and a pamphlet by Dennis Guerra to be published in a subsequent overview of contemporary poetry. (Curator and translator: Claudio A. Marrero) Wichard Ragner’s Emotional Parasites collection will be presented at the Keumièe Mill. (at least if the virus allows it or does not strike again) Finally, we will present new bundles of Dennis Guerra, Fred Michiels and his pseudonyms, Dan Decalut and his Da Dist Tapes and the new edition of our 3-monthly magazine “Temporary Useful Zones”. at our booth at the artists’ book fair Miss Read in Berlin (from 5 to 7 June).


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