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Newsletter 2021

    As 2020 graciously draws to a close, we want to share some recent highlights from our platform for short pamphlets, poems, contemporary art and non-music.
    We hope that positive struggle and visual urgency will lay the foundation for a fairer and more progressive 2021. Whatever happens, we’ll continue to provide you with a forum for the most important from our own subversive perspective. If we kick shins with that … a bruise won’t hurt! The profit potential of pharmaceutical research shouldn’t be a motivation, right? The tricky thing about hope is not to confuse it with optimism.

    Michiels took into account the objects that others leave behind this year. His ongoing series on «found» materials and objects. All this will be shown in March / April 2021 at the solo presentation at Eva Steynen Deviation (s) in Antwerp. Private view the sixt of March.

    The complete series (5) of the audio cassettes (nine copies per edition) is up for auction in a special vintage box, together with a French philatelic toy and a banknote. The proceeds will go entirely to a good cause for which will make the choice.

    Finally, The Office of Useless Art is busy with the layout of the new collection of poems by Fred Michiels aka Ottist(F)reddy. Due to the virus, the live presentation of it, together with his invisible orchestra, will take place in the spring. Date and place will be communicated in due time, during life and well-being. The booklet itself (60 pages) will not be ready until mid-January.

    The record (vinyl) is also scheduled for mid-2021, all tracks have been recorded, but they still have to get the final mix. We are still waiting for the studio to reopen.

    But there is already a lot on the site and on the facebook page

    Above all, keep you healthy and take good care of each other!

    Dennis and Fred

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