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Fractale-sur-Sambre | Summer of Love 2022

    This mix was originally sent to NTS radio following an open call which had the theme ‘Summer of Love‘.
    This somewhat special ‘Fractale-sur-Sambre’ was unfortunately not selected for radio broadcast and we have therefore decided to publish it here.

    Here is the description of the mix we sent to NTS:
    This is a belgian music mix, begining with a dedication to Marc Moulin (RIP) and his 70’s band ‘Placebo’.
    The track ‘Star’ is an extract from a crazy ‘next​-​door​-​disco & local Spacemusic’ compilation called ‘Discophilia Belgica’.
    All the other tracks are from friends, artists I’ve had a crush on at gigs and one personal production (as Jong Oisif).
    LOVE from Charleroi <3

    # Tracklist
    1. Placebo – Plotseling
    2. Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul – Haha
    3. Bothlane – Hornet
    4. Jean-Paul Groove – Ex Drummer
    5. Buttman – Subtotaling via changes in two different columns
    6. J3M3I – Scarecrow
    7. Avalanche Kaito – Dabalomuni (live version)
    8. Jong Oisif – Horizons
    9. Chacal – Larme sur la piste de danse
    10. Daniel Hélin – Le bonheur
    11. Spagguetta Orghasmmond – L’amour à Charleroi
    12. The Diskery – Star
    13. M.cyanure –
    14. Horny F – INVASION

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