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Henri Bremond – La Poésie pure avec “un débat sur la poésie” par Robert de Souza. – 1926

    First edition, of this literary essay by Henri Bremond (1865-1933), literary critic, member
    of the French Academy, nicknamed “the historian of religious sentiment”, with a debate on poetry by Robert de Souza (pp167-318).
    Copy of the deluxe edition, this one of the 99 copies on Holland paper, door n 17 (3 rd paper after 13 China and 25 Japan).
    “What does Henri Bremond mean by pure poetry? Everything rests on the affirmation that poetry proceeds from the divine. silence” which are of a completely different nature than “the sound of words”. The poet participating in the harmony of the divine is a kind of intercessor between the universal essence and the particular appearances of the here below. pure poetry is
    the irreducible core of the so-called poetic language, that which cannot be translated, which cannot be explained by the concepts of rhetoric, eloquence or the paraphrase of ideas. There is, for poetry, according to Bremond, some “metaphysical impurity” in “teaching,
    tell, paint, give the shivers or draw tears”. ”
    AUTHOR: Henri Bremond
    TITLE: ‎Pure Poetry with “a debate on poetry” by Robert de Souza.‎
    PUBLISHER: Paris Grasset 1926 1 vol. paperback in-12, paperback, 321 pp.

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