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Jong Oisif ‘QuAntiquity’ VIDEO ALBUM

    Music & Video by Jong Oisif (Dennis Guerra)
    Tracklist :
    00:03 1. Avenue
    03:26 2. Ra Dio Ra Duo
    04:32 3. Singularity
    05:44 4. Serendipity
    07:04 5. Infinity
    08:30 6. Real Kung Fu (feat. Meskal Mix)
    09:38 7. Glace Au Terreau
    11:34 8. Ouys
    14:17 9. QuAntiquity
    14:52 10. Ralentit Vison
    16:50 11. Angle Box
    18:48 12. Fractality
    19:49 13. Le Son De X
    23:46 14. Metalchimy (feat. Raimond T.)

    The sound of ‘QuAntiquity’ is a collection of beats, personal musical compositions, sound collage of samples collected from a smartphone or in the studio, and also samples from vinyls (mostly from Belgium Wallonia).

    The videos were filmed in Belgium. Mainly in Charleroi center and surroundings (Farciennes, Châtelet, Marchienne-au-Pont, …), and also other villages along the Sambre (like Tamines or Moustier, in Wallonia) and finally some shots in Virton.

    Thanks to Meskal for his rich participation in QuAntiquity: for his scratches in ‘Real Kung Fu’, for the shooting day in Charleroi (and other villages along the Sambre), and more generally for his support behind this project.
    Thanks to Raimond Teilis for the guitar improvisation on ‘Metalchimy’.

    Software used :
    – Reaper (sound rec/collage/composition, mix & mastering)
    – Blender (video collage, montage & final render)
    – XaoS (fractals)

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